The Artists’ Association Gallery is the oldest gallery-salon in Vilnius which already for more than fifty years exhibits work by the members of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association. Professional artworks by artists well-known in the contemporary art scene as well as works by new, talented emerging artists is encouraged and represented in the gallery.

In this spacious gallery in the very centre of Vilnius old-town (Vokiečių st.) you will find an assortment of artworks in a variety of techniques and genres: from handmade postcards, painting, to sculpture, from interior pieces to business gifts. Presented works are unique and singular, of high artistic merit, skilfully done by various art measures and techniques. We offer works of painting (oil, acrylic), sculptures (glass, bronze, granite, ceramics), print sheets and framed works (etching, lithography, linoleum prints), ceramics (vases, sculptures, mugs), unique jewellery (original bijouterie, brass, silver, gold, gemstones). The gallery also offers works out of leather (boxes, photo albums, notebooks, key chains and holders), postcards for various occasions (weddings, birthdays, personal celebrations) and art publications (monographs, albums, the Lithuanian art journal “Dailė” (“Art”).

The Artists’ Association Gallery has the lowest prices, so giving the largest part of the profit to the artists themselves and maintaining the competitive prices of the artworks. You may choose artworks from the permanent sales display as well as temporary exhibitions. We also offer to buy gift cards for your friends, colleagues and business partners. Visit us in the Artists ‘Association salons (Vokiečių st. 2 and Pamėnkalnio st. 1).